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Does a condo board have the right to deny a potential tenant after conducting a credit and criminal background check

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

does the bod have the right in the state of florida to refuse a renter IE back ground check credit and crimmial

Attorney Answers 2

  1. The answer depends on the terms of the Condo documents. You need an attorney to review your documents.

  2. This is a fact based topic. You should have a lawyer review your documents. A condo board cannot be discriminatory in denying a potential tenant. If the potential tenant poses a physical threat to residents then they can concievably be denied, although this is not set in stone. It is hotly debated. If the tenant poses a financial risk, a Board generally can request that the tenant pay its maintenance and assessments up front for the year or full term of the proposed Lease. A denial due to bad credit can potentially be seen as discriminatory.

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