Does a claim payment adjuster need to be licensed in the state that an automobile accident happened?

Asked about 3 years ago - Denver, CO

Does a claim payment adjuster need to be licensed in the state that an automobile accident happened in order to make a settlement payment? I am trying to settle a claim on my own from a car accident my family and I were involved in and the claims adjuster said he needed to hire a third party that in licensed in the state of Colorado in order to settle my claim??? Does this make sense or are they trying to do something illegal?

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  1. William Clifton Doutt

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    Answered . Let me start by saying that I would need a bit more information to completely understand your question. What kind of "third party" is the adjuster seeking to hire? An investigator to investigate your case? A doctor to do an examination of you or your family members to give an opinion about the extent of your injury? Is the "third party" a private individual or some other company or a law firm?

    Are you dealing with your insurance company (uninsured and underinsured coverage), or the tortfeasor's insurance company? Is that company from another state? Where is the adjuster located? Are you seeking a payment for property damage (i.e. damage to your vehicle) or payment for bodily injury to you or your family members?

    Also, it would help attorneys answer your question if you explained your primary concern with what the insurance company is trying to do. Do you think they are just trying to drag it out longer or is it something else that worries you?

    With all of that said, I have never encountered the issue that you are dealing with. But without answers to all of the above questions, I couldn't tell you whether what they are trying to do is illegal or not. I have dealt with adjusters representing companies that do not issue policies in Colorado or Pennsylvania (the states where I am licensed), and I have never had an adjuster tell me she or he can't resolve the claim. If the case proceeds to litigation and a complaint must be filed in the court, then they DO need to hire an attorney licensed to practice in the court where I filed the complaint. But until the complaint is filed, this has not become an issue.

    Maybe I am missing something in your question. I apologize if I misinterpreted what you are asking, but I think it would help to have more information from you. Feel free to add a comment to my post with more information and I'll keep an eye on this to see if I can offer a more specific answer. Good luck.

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  2. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . Best bet is to contact a local car accident lawyer in your state to handle the claim to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

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