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Does a civil demand letter go on persons record.

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A collegue was stopped by LP for shoplifting in a retail chain store in maryland baltimore county. Police was called and his details were taken by the police but no citation was given by the police to my college. The store has agreed not to press criminal charges but will send civil demand letter. How would this affect my collegues record

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A civil demand letter does not go on a person's criminal record.


Your friend needs to act on this letter to resolve this dispute as soon as possible. many times a retail store will file criminal charges at a later date if the civil demand is not met. The store has up to a year to file the charges


Your question, as I understood it did not ask about a "criminal" record, but just a record. So to answer your question, since I am licensed in Maryland, the answer is MAY BE, in my opinion. There are no public records except a civil lawsuit record, a criminal record, and a collection record kept by private entities such as credit reporting agencies. If the company sues you, then there will be a civil record of a legal claim for damages against you. If there are criminal charges filed, then that will also create a record - but this appears not to be the case based on the representation you were given. If the claim is sent to collection, then your credit will be affected by this claim and it may go on your record, if valid and unpaid. This is a more complete answer, I think.

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