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Does a calendar call hearing in Miami-Dade 11th Circuit Court typically result in an order being issued by the judge?

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My understanding is that cases are set for trial at the calendar call hearing. Does the judge typically issue a written order stating the results of that hearing? How do we get a copy of that order? Is it public information?

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If you go to the clerk's website and look up the case, you can see the docket sheet. The docket sheet with list all the docket entries pertaining to the case. If a ruling was issued in the case, you will be able to see the outcome on the docket sheet. Yes, it is public information.

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Calendar Call is not a hearing. It is, as you state, the time when the judge sets your case for trial on his/her upcoming docket. Generally speaking, a trial docket will run for 6-8 weeks and at Calendar Call the judge will assign your case to a specific date on the docket. Many times your case is a backup (or even a second or third backup) to the first case that gets set for a particular week on the docket. Some judges post the list of cases that are going to trial on the judge's website. Other judges require you to simply rely on the list of cases (and the names of the attorneys that will try those cases) that is handed out at Calendar Call to stay abreast of what cases have settled and which cases are still ready to be tried.

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