Does a business have to declare all monies received

Does a business have to declare all monies they receive to the irs

New Paltz, NY -

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Jeffrey Mead Kurzon

Jeffrey Mead Kurzon

Business Attorney - New York, NY

What kind of business? And what kind of monies? Certainly you should declare all taxable income to the IRS. Perhaps certain exceptions apply (e.g. maybe you do not need to declare a "gift"), but you should discuss this with a qualified tax attorney or tax advisor (which I am not).

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Umit Mike Gursoy

Umit Mike Gursoy

Business Attorney - Brooklyn, NY

I agree with my colleagues.

Amanda Marie Cook

Amanda Marie Cook

Business Attorney - San Diego, CA

The answer is pretty much always going to be yes. In one way or another, it will need to be claimed. When your business is large enough, you are often required to submit a balance sheet with your tax return which shows money in and money out. A lot of those numbers are required to tie into each other and it's best to keep track of them from the beginning (along with your "basis" in the business, which requires a much longer treatment than possible in this forum). If you are in business, you need to find a tax professional whom you trust and feel you can work with long-term and go see that person.

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Christopher Michael Larson

Christopher Michael Larson

Business Attorney - Seattle, WA

All income must be declared. Loan proceeds, and equity contributions are not income. But either way, this is a nebulous question. If you are having questions about what type of income needs to be declared to the IRS, you shouldn't be doing your own taxes anyway. You should have a CPA prepare your taxes and they will hopefully ask the questions that determine what is taxable.

Christopher Larson
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