Do you not have the right to bond in federal court on drug conspiracy case if so how do you appeal

he has only been to court once and that was bond hearing and first appear court the day after they arrest him. they denied bail . he is not dangerous and no pass port so can we appeal

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William Calvin White II

William Calvin White II

Federal Crime Lawyer - Birmingham, AL

Title 18 USC 3142(e) provides that there is a presumption that no condition of release will reasonably assure the appearance of the defendant or assure the safety of the community if there is probable cause that the defendant committed an offense punishable by a maximum term of ten years or more in prison.

In other words, in a federal drug conspiracy case, there is a presumption in favor of detention. This is rebuttable by the defendant, but it is fairly rare for a defendant of a drug conspiracy case to be released pending trial.

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