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Do you need a valid Drivers license to drive a Moped in the state of Georgia

Savannah, GA |

My relatives license is suspended due to a DUI .

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Yes. A Moped is a motor vehicle. You have to be licensed to drive a motor vehicle on the streets.

Allen Rust Knox

Allen Rust Knox


Just an aside, had a case once where the defendant was arrested for getting in an accident while drunk and riding a horse.


You're confusing "license" with "registration." Mopeds (motor vehicles under 50cc engine displacemsent) are exempt from registration requirements in Georgia, but the drivers still have to be licensed. So mopeds aren't required to have tags and aren't supposed to exceed 30mph. That means they can't be in the interstate because the interstate has a minimum speed higher than the maximum speed for a moped. (Besides, who would be foolish enough to get on I-285 on a moped?)

Here is the Georgia DDS page:

Personally, I think DUI probationers should be allowed to have mopeds. Mopeds are too small and slow to hurt anyone but the driver, and it would provide a limited mode of transportation until they could get their full license back.

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Attorney Steakly is exactly right, This is a common mistake. To take the point further, under the language of the statute, golf carts are motor vehicles, meaning that you can get a DUI on a golf cart.

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