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Do you have to give back a Christmas gift given by an ex girlfriend?

Lynn, MA |

My brother's ex girlfriend gave him a Playstation 3 for Christmas & now is demanding he give it back.

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Was it a bad break up? Did he ever give her a gift? There is a lot to be said here about trying to work it out without filing a suit. Does he really need the PS3? Does she not know she gave it as a gift? I really hope that you guys can work this out. As for advice, we do not have enough facts surrounding the gift to determine of it was an exchange for something ot if the gift must be returned for some other reason. Best of Luck!

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The answer to your question is no. A gift is irrevocable. Under the law, a gift is made when three things happen:

(1) Donative intent. The giver intends to make a gift.
(2) Transfer of the property to the donee. The gift is given.
(3) Acceptance. The donee accepts the gift.

Once those three things happen, a gift is complete. A gift can not be revoked or taken back.

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Do you have any other questions, and did I make myself clear?

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