Do you have to attend court in the same jurisprudence area you are cited at?

Asked about 1 year ago - Pomona, CA

I was cited for failure to stop to an emergency vehicle, failure to obey traffic sign, and running red light by one of those dark black detective cars who actually thought I stole the car so he kept following me until he decided to stop me and gave me those citations. That happened in Pomona, CA but he is from a different town and so citation states that I have to appear in court at West Covina. My question is: is there a law or rule that bans this making this a citation error? Or it doesn't matter where I am cited, and the cop can dictate where I have to go to court? Thank you!

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  1. Andrew Stephen Roberts


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    Answered . West Covina now handles all of Pomona tickets. Get an attorney for this matter. These are serious violations.

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  2. Anthony Michael Solis


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    Answered . Pomona and West Covina are in the same judicial district in Los Angeles County.

  3. Michael Kevin Cernyar


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    Answered . From my experience, if I were in your situation, then I would prefer West Covina judges over Pomona judges. As answered by others, it is the same jurisdiction. Good luck.
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  4. Jason Robert Miller

    Contributor Level 10

    Answered . Unless you ask to be assigned to the county seat when cited you must respond to the court identified on your ticket. I suggest hitig a traffic ticket attorney to help deal with these tickets. 856-349-2849 is our toll free line.

    The above answer is for general information only and is based on the information you posted. Every case is fact... more
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