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Do you get one chance to reschedule court ordered community service in Brooklyn the same way they do it in Queens?

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In queens you are automatically given one opportunity to reschedule or get an extension. is it the same in Brooklyn? i have community service due today, but i didnt complete it because i went to a detox and then enrolled in a program... Will they give me an extension? is it automatic like queens? I am finally clean and doing good and really do not want to get arrested.

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Nothing in a court is "automatic," although courts will exercise leniency in appropriate cases. If your excuse is good enough, then present it at your appearance in court. You should contact the court if there is no scheduled appearance. Provide the documentary proof and explanation why it precluded your completion. Contact your attorney first.

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Generally yes, especially if you have a legitimate excuse. Just make sure not to miss your next court date. Keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed, and that if they do give you a second chance and you still don't it then all bets are off.

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There is no automatic extension granted in Brooklyn. You will have to appear before the Judge, preferably with documentation supporting why you missed the scheduled date, and request a second chance. If your reasoning is sound, you will be granted another opportunity to complete the community service.

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