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Do we plead guilty or not guilty for an underage drinking citation our daughter received at State College. She is a PSU Student.

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The officer stated my daughter was very polite and respectful and admitted having 3 beers. She blew a 0.12. The office told her she had three choices: plead not guilty, plead guilty and pay a fine-her license would be suspend for 90 days and her record expunged after she turns 18, plead guilty and pay for classes, whereby her record would be expunged after her 18th birthday and also have her license suspended.
We need to understand any other collateral risks. On top of classes, would she also have to do community service? Will our insurance be affected? Should we engage an attorney or plead guilty and let my daughter deal with the results as a learning lesson? Should we fight this after admitting she drank? Should we challenge the Frat involved?

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When an individual is charged with underaged drinking, one of the collateral consequences is the suspension of license privileges. The license suspension occurs regardless of whether or not you participate in a pre-trial diversion program. The only way to prevent your license from being suspended is to obtain an acquittal or have the charge changed to another offense which does not carry a license suspension as a collateral consequence.

There are technical defenses to an underaged drinking citation. You should consult with an attorney.

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