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Do we NEED to have a private investigator obtain witness statements?

San Jose, CA |

We are being told that we need to have a PI take statements from our witnesses. The police reports only have the prosecutions statements. Our witness statements were left out of the police report COMPLETELY.

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  1. The short answer is yes, you do. And you should do it immediately. Memories fade, people move or become hard to locate. You need to lock in their statements now so that you can determine the best approach to defending against the charges.

  2. Yes. The government isn't on your side, so you will need your own team, including the private investigator and any experts. Good luck.
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  3. You need an competent investigator who is on your side and who can get the information you need. You can't rely on the people who want you prosecuted to fight for the facts you need.

  4. Yes. I agree with my colleagues. I'd add, however, that you should understand it HAS to be a private investigator-- not your attorney, certainly not you-- who takes those friendly witnesses' statements. The reason has to do with the rules of evidence applicable at trial. If you don't have a private investigator take the statements, you risk not being able to use them at all, for complicated legal reasons.

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  5. Yes get an attorney and have them get an investigator .

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  6. You absolutely need an aggressive attorney who will use an investigator to gather evidence that is favorable to you. Police officers are supposed to write complete, accurate, and truthful reports. Unfortunately police reports often are filled with material omissions, mistakes, and outright falsehoods. It left to the aggressive attorney and his investigator to provide "the other side of the story" that is routinely left out of the slanted police report. If you have an attorney, hopefully he will aggressively pursue all possible evidence and potential witnesses. If you don't have an attorney you should hire one immediately. Most attorneys, like myself, offer a free consultation.

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