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My girlfriend and I work for the same employer. She has been working there for about 4 years without any issues. Approximately 2 months in my manager began treating me very poorly. He began to make comments about our sex life and would ask very personal "hypothetical" questions. He would often describe my girlfriends underwear and would actually be right about what colors her undergarments were. Others have gone to HR about this same manager and they have only been punished for it. I confronted him after he began making gestures at my gf. He replied, "if that c*** can't handle it tell her to stay away" Management did nothing to rectify the issue besides hollow promises. I have since gone to HR and they investigated and did nothing. They also transferred me to another dept and cut my hours.

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We do have witnesses, but I am somewhat unclear on who will actually speak out. People are afraid they'll be punished for speaking up. Management actually screamed at me for attempting to report this issue, I have witnesses for that as well. They referred me directly to HR because they wanted to "stay out of it". This company makes it impossible to contact HR without regretting it.

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    Answered . It's surprising to read, in this day and age, about a situation as bad as the one you describe. I think you really need to talk to a lawyer. What you could be describing is retaliation, i.e., moving you to another department and cutting your hours because you sought to assert your girlfriend's rights under Title VII. (You never say though if your girlfriend was really bothered by this.) You need to talk to a lawyer who can determine whether you have a valid claim, and who can explain to you the downsides of pursuing it.

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    Answered . You are describing sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, and you would want to retain a sexual harassment lawyer. For the best summary of sexual harassment law in Pennsylvania, you may visit my website. Good luck to you.

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