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Do we need an attorney? If so, How do we find the right attorney for this type of matter. How likely is he to serve time.

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My son was arrested in Maryland while traveling with some friends. Police found a bag of marijuana (less than a gram) in his backpack. He was arrested with a citation and released. His charge is did possess a controlled dangerous sub of schedule I marijuana less than 10 grams. Penalty is up to 90 days, 500.00 fine. My son is an 18 year old college student. Never any trouble til this. We live in NJ. Not sure what to do. Do we need an attorney? If so, How do we find the right attorney for this type of matter. How likely is he to actually serve time for this.

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You will need a criminal attorney from the Maryland vicinity where he was arrested. Contact the local bar association in the county that the proceedings are taking place.

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You need to hire an attorney who handles criminal defense in Maryland (preferably in the municipality/town where your son was arrested).

The Law Office of Brandon D. Walcott - 3 Harrys Court, Suite A, Ocean View, NJ - (609) 390-8888 - This is for general purposes only and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Contact an attorney licensed in your State for specific inquiries.


One possible option you son would have would be to have him show up for his first appearance and speak with the public defender who would be appointed. If he is not comfortable with the interaction with the public defender, he can then opt to switch to a privately retained attorney form the local Maryland area. This route would leave all options open for him.

On the other hand, retaining counsel prior to his first appearance would most likely allow him to have the matter handled for him without his ever having to appear in court at all.


You need to speak to a Md. attorney. In NJ there are a number of defenses and programs to keep his record relatively clear. In Md. I do not know.


You need to contact an attorney in Maryland, or a NJ attorney who is licensed to practice in Maryland. Give a call to the Maryland Bar Association at (410) 685-7878 or
(800) 492-1964 ( They should be able to point you in the right direction.

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