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My husband & I were stopped at a red light when an electric company truck hit us from the rear, knocking us into the car in front of us. The young driver was fooling with his phone instead of watching the traffic. We had just left the cardiologist where we learned that my husband required open-heart surgery. I hit myself in the mouth & nose with my phone and had pain for about 3 hours but nothing lasting. My husband wasn't hurt but his neck now pops when he turns his head, no pain. We were very frightened because of my husband's heart condition. The insurance company has offered me $2000 & my husband $2500. Should we take this or should we contact a lawyer? We do not appear to be hurt. Thank you.

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  1. Morris Herbert Lilienthal

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    Answered . Injuries from an accident do not always manifest themselves immediately following an accident. I've represented many people who only thought they were "sick and sore" following the wreck and weeks or a month later developed more significant injuries. You only get one bite at the apple - meaning once you settle with the at fault party you cannot come back for more damages if after the settlement your injuries turnout to be more significant. I would recommend you consult with a personal injury attorney in your area. While there is a time limit (statute of limitations) for filing a claim I would still recommend waiting a month or two at least to see how your injuries resolve themselves. Best of luck.

  2. Ronald E. Stutes


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    Answered . The prior two answers offer good advice. The main point is that if you accept the insurance company's offers, that closes the book on your claims. If something serious manifests itself later, you cannot come back and ask for more. From your question, I think it's obvious that you're not looking to take advantage of the insurance company, you simply want to make sure you don't do the wrong thing. My practice is solely in the area of estate planning, but I know that, given the fact that you're simply looking to do the right thing, there are several personal injury attorneys in town who would be glad to meet with you and give you an evaluation of your situation.

  3. Carmine John Giardino

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    Answered . You should contact a lawyer that gives free consultations.

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