Do we need a trust?

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We own our home jointly and have some stocks. Been married 29 years and have no children together but my husband has adult children from a previous marriage. My husband is terminally ill and said the property automatically goes to the surviving spouse. People have been telling me our house will have to got through probate or I might have to pay estate taxes.

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    Answered . Mr. Corrigan is correct. The only difference is in California if property is held as joint tenancy, right of survivorship is automatic and does not need to be stated. No probate would be necessary. If property is community property, designation must be community property with rights of survivorship in order to avoid court procedures. As to accounts, same rules apply.

    No tax issues on death of a spouse when spouse survives and is the beneficiary.

    If your husband wants to ensure any property goes to his kids, a trust would be necessary. If your husband has capacity, you should at least speak with an estate planning attorney.

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    Answered . The property does not automatically go to the surviving spouse. If there is a probate, all community property will go to the surviving spouse (if there is separate property - which is not likely in a marriage of 29 years unless he inherited something) some portion of that would go the his children. The best way to avoid this is to have trust wherein you are the successor trustee and sole beneficiary. The assets should then be transferred into the trust. I suggest that you consult with a good estate planning lawyer as to your options.

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    Answered . I practice in this area. If you did not do a prenuptial agreement, you should have done some estate planning along the way. If you have not, there may be time to fix this. A Trust makes sense here because the real property does not have to go through the probate expense and delay. The goal is to avoid probate litigation by the children from a prior marriage for their perceived share of the estate. I would be happy to meet with you both to talk about this.

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    Answered . I would consider speaking to an Elder Law attorney in your area. I don't think the house would go through probate (as you will own it automatically) but you want to make sure tax and Medicaid planning have been considered.

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    Answered . Look at the deed to the house and make sure it has you and your husband listed as joint owners with rights of survivorship (aka JOWROS). This description means that the survivornas between you becomes the sole owner upon the death of the first spouse. A deed overrides whatever a will says and if done as I directed (may already be this way) then it happens automatically without need of probate.

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