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Do we have to sign the Properties notice of Vacate?

Tempe, AZ |
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Our lease states that we need to give a 30 day written notice to vacate. We gave the property a very basic written 30 day notice. Since then they have told me that they have received the notice but will not accept it because we haven't signed their legal form to vacate. I asked if they would leave it at my door so I could have an attorney look at it since it was a legal document. I was told they don't let their forms leave their office. Do we have to sign this legal form to vacate or is our written notice enough?

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  1. I tend to give brief answers: bottom line is, what does your lease say about this? If it is silent, then no. I.e., the lease provides that you must give them 30 days notice, which you did. In order for the vacation form to be a requirement, they would need to state that, or, perhaps indirectly, have some other statement that requires you to sign Landlord's standard forms. I definitely recommend having an attorney confirm the language in your lease, and then have the lawyer let the landlord know that their actions are not acceptable. But, being "politic" is likely important here: I'm guessing they have a security deposit, so keeping things civil will also enhance the likelihood you'll get the deposit back without a dispute over claimed "offsets".

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