Do we have to register our pontoon boat if it is stored on land?

We are working on the pontoon and it is kept on our property but officials said it needs to be registered.

Grayling, MI -

Attorney Answers (2)

Brook McCray Smith

Brook McCray Smith

Business Attorney - Ann Arbor, MI

You are required to register your ownership within 15 days of purchase. You should following the instructions on the Michigan Secretary of State website.

You haven't identified the other parties involved in this question so I cannot determine whether I may have a... more
John F. Brennan

John F. Brennan

Business Attorney - Saint Clair Shores, MI

The officials consider it a potential watercraft, you need to register it you get into your name. I would need additional details to give more specific advice.

To the PROSPECTIVE client, please call myself or another attorney for your choice with more detaiils and an... more

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