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Do we have a claim to sue the county and county employees for negligence

Middleburgh, NY |

our son is 17 and we are now on PINS#3 yes 3, however during PINS#2 just last month, our son had alcohol in school got it from another student, however because someone we didnt agree to letting him live with stepped foward the county (social workers) forced us to agree to him living there they said the county would not allow voluntery placement in foster care as we asked, my son had other issues with arrests we have police reports, pins #1 was for pot in our house and we certainly wernt gonna allow that. now on pins#3 they guardian we didnt want him to live with fully allowed alcohol for our son, resulting in 1 arrest after having it on the bus and it was videotaped, as well as am ambulance call for alcohol poisioning all that prior to the pins court date

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If there is proof that Guardians furnished alcohol to a minor, that is criminal. You should talk to police about that. How do you know he was given the alcohol by the guardian? Taking his word for it? Talk to the lawyer who is helping you in the juvenile court matters, or get one asap to help.


Probably not


This sounds like a very disturbed child. I think he needs counceling but I really don't see where the county is liable. A very troubling situation.



Unlikely, but see if he can get some counseling.

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