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Do store security guards have to have a bagde or other ID proof in Montana?

Kalispell, MT |

i was stopped by an older homeless looking man as i was leaving Kmart with my friend. He asked us to come with him but did not say who he was. I refused and got mad. He then agressively blocked our path and grabbed at us then demanded my purse. When i refused again he said he was store security and said if i didnt corroperate he would call 911. I asked to see his bagde or other form of ID and he said that the great thing about montana is tht store security guards dont have to have any proof of being a security guard. I resisted his psychical attempts to take me to anywhere. He called 911. I still refused until the manager came over and confirmed the man was a guard. But then the man was mad and kept yelling at me saying i was an idiot infront of other employees and customers.

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Store security are typically not in uniform. See for the statute on detention of shoplifters. I think it is risky for the store for store security not to have some identification that clearly identifies them and establishes their authority, but in this case the store may be willing to take that risk. Based on your description the man may have been poorly trained.

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