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Do prosecutors always scare you into taking a plea deal? Even if they have a weak case

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And if you don't succumb they say that they might add extra charges and ask for the maximum sentence so that at least you think about it???They threaten you with years in prison even though, people convicted of murder/manslaughter usually end up doing less time? Is this part of their job? this is a case of burglary... except with no intent, just victim making overexaggerated accusations who probobly won't even show up to court...

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Negotiation is a large part of the prosecutor's job. They are attempting to do justice. It is possible that the process could result in some form of intimidation but such usually is not the intent.

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No one forces you to accept a plea deal. If you do not think that the DA can prove their case, then you are always free to go to Trial and take your chances.

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