Do people get off probation early?

Asked 6 months ago - Saginaw, MI

I've had several people tell me that they have gotten off probation early by finishing their community service, drug classes and paying their fines.

I am wondering if this is a common thing for someone charge under 7411 (first time offender) for possession of marijuana.

I payed my fines the day of sentencing and started on my drug courses right away and have completed them. I am also halfway through my probationary period (3 months down, 6 months total) and have had no dirty drug tests and no run-ins with the law. I am also signed up for college and am working part time.

Should I bring this up with my probation officer (I meet with her tomorrow)? I also have my medical marijuana card (got it before sentencing) and my judge knows this but idk if my probation officer does.

Additional information

I know it is only 3 more months until I am finished but I just want this to be done and over. I am currently looking for full time work and I don't know how to handle or bring probation up during interviews (or if i even should bring it up). I just stress a lot about these kind of things and a heavy load will be lifted when I am finished with probation (whether early or on time).

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  1. Allen M. Wolf


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    Answered . It can't hurt to ask your probation officer. Some judges in Saginaw will follow the recommendation of the probation officer to a T.... others, make that determination of early probation termination on their own. You will need a good reason in addition to full compliance with all other probation terms. Retaining experienced criminal defense counsel may increase your chances in reaching your goal of early termination. Good luck.

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  2. J. Denise Carter

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    Answered . You can hire a lawyer to file a motion to terminate probation. These are sometimes granted, but it is up to the Judge you have. I'd suggest you contact a local lawyer to see if this is realistic with your Judge. Hope that's helpful

  3. Eid Edward Qaqish

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    Answered . This is called early termination of probation. Most states, that I'm aware of, allow for this type of relief where all conditions of probation have been fulfilled, but I do not know if your state does or not. Your probation officer is likely familiar with the process and may be able to answer some questions. This process may require filing a petition and a hearing. That is something you probably don't want to do alone. You should contact a local attorney to do this for you.

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  4. Jared Clayton Austin

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    Answered . It does happen but it is not automatic. It is up to your probation officer and ultimately the judge. It is been my experience that you can ask once all your fines, costs, and all financial obligations are paid and any classes and community service are completed. As long as you have nothing outstanding or any violations you stand a good chance of getting discharged early. However, it would be unlikely you would get discharged halfway through. I would suggest waiting at least another 2 were 3 months before you petition your probation officer or the judge. If you have a medical marijuana card make sure you have permission from the judge to use it or else it is a violation.

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