Do my misdemanor case get dismissed after 90 days?

Asked about 2 months ago - Saint Cloud, FL

a cop stopped me in osceola at night because i have tint over my front windshield. he searched my car and found a replica firearm that i use for self defense training, the firing pin was removed, it had a clip inside that had two hollow point bullets. After runnin my name he saw i had an injunction temporary against me and arrested me because he found ammo in the gun....20 days later my girl friend went to the domestic judge and recanted and the judge threw out the injunction...i am now chargded with mesidmeanor violation of injunction because of the ammo...exaclty 60 days has past and no information was filed an d there is no other court date...what is taking so long, do you think they will dismiss it or after 90 days do they dismiss it?

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i mean they ahvent filed an "information" it just says nothing, its still active my bondsman says

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  1. Matthew Ryan Gunter

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    Answered . Just to be clear, if a "No information" was filed with the courts, that means the state is not proceeding with charges against you. However, if they have simply done nothing, then yes, after 90 days you would file an expiration of speedy trial which would essentially bar the state from prosecuting you as they have 90 days to bring you to trial after a misdemeanor arrest. I would suggest you speak with an attorney about filing an Expiration of Speedy Trial motion. Good luck!

  2. Robert Jason De Groot


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    Answered . In Florida we call the charging document the "Information" and when the state indicates that they are not going to prosecute, they file what is called a "No Information." Have an attorney call the intake department at the state attorney's office and find out for you.

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  3. William David Umansky


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    Answered . so far no news is good news. Just make sure you are checking the clerks site for any updates and make sure you attend the arraignment. If you fail to appear you could be arrested again. The State will be in trouble if they file after 90 days. Good luck to you!! i am surprised there was not a court date set in your case already. Perhaps you have a lawyer already who filed pleadings on your behalf waiving your appearance?

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  4. Alberto Marino Quirantes Jr.


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    Answered . No, the case will not magically be dismissed in 60 days.

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