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Do mortgage companies have the right to harass customers who are not delinquent and not facing foreclosure?

Lauderhill, FL |
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I have two mortgages and I'm current with both. I make my payments within the time frame before late charges are assessed due to my payroll schedule; and I have not missed a monthly payment in two years I have been in my home.
However, my 2nd mortgage company continues to call my home every month, with nasty phone calls. This is very frustrating to receive such calls when my account is current and I'm not facing foreclosure.
My first mortgage company has never called
me for not paying directly on the 1st of month.
What can I do? Other that try and pay one month a head which is really hard to do right now. What rights do I have? Can they continue to do this?

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Write them a stern letter telling them to stop harassing you, especially since you are current. Certified mail. Make sure you send it to the correct address since some lenders have 40 different addresses. If they continue to harass, look for an attorney who specializes in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Consumer Credit Report Act and other related laws. Write a letter to the U.S. Office of the Comptroller explaining the situation, and an identical one to the Florida Attorney General's Office.

Why should they leave nasty messages if you're current? Doesn't make sense.

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