Do Lien Waivers need to be notarized in the State of Colorado? California Lien Waivers to not require notarization.

These are lien waivers for my subcontractors to sign releasing our sites.

Newport Beach, CA -

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Timothy John Broussard

Timothy John Broussard

Construction / Development Lawyer - Irvine, CA

In California, it does not need to be notorized. But, Waivers are similiar to a release, not filed and not a recorded document. If your referring to a Mechanic's Lien release, it must be notorized. I am assuming this is not a State Public Works project or subject to the Miller Act. I don't practice in Colorado, but this requirement would seem a bit unusual. There is a Construction Firm called Lorber Greenfield, etc. They have a good reputation in construciton. They probably have a lien dept including many offices including Colorado. You might look them up and give them a call. If your building homes in Colorado, you might have other questions as well. If you need any further, give us a call for additional referrals.

Tim Broussard, Esq
Kring & Chung, LLP

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Nicholas Basil Spirtos

Nicholas Basil Spirtos

Construction / Development Lawyer - Montclair, CA

You need to post this where Colorado attorneys might see it.

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