Do immediate relatives get moved to the front of the line with green cards?

I think I have some understanding that immediate family members are a higher priority than non-immediate, but I'm not sure. .

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Robert West

Robert West

Immigration Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

Since they are not in a preference category, the answer is essentially yes.

Neil Ian Fleischer

Neil Ian Fleischer

Immigration Attorney - Cincinnati, OH

I agree. The answer is yes, and there is no limit

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Nisha V. Fontaine

Nisha V. Fontaine

Immigration Attorney - Buffalo, NY


Thank you for posting your question.

The Immigration & Nationality Act divides different familial relationships into different family-based preference categories, based on whether the petitioning individual is a U.S. citizen or a Lawful Permanent Resident. Some family members will be subject to priority date backlogs and some will be able to be classified as Immediate Relatives.

For a brief understanding of the different family-based preference categories and immediate relative status, please see my website:

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