Do I sue for malpractice or wrongful death?

My dad was in prison when he first had trouble with his vision. He told the doctors for at least two years that he was in pain and he was losing vision. They told him he had cataracts . When they did surgery on him, they realized it was cancer and after surgery, he went blind then died. They even released him early because they knew they should have treated him better, and that they should have run more tests before operating. He died only a few months after being released.

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Norman Gregory Fernandez

Norman Gregory Fernandez

Personal Injury Lawyer - Chatsworth, CA

You may have a case for wrongful death, med. mal. You may call my office for a free consultation at 800 816 1529 x. 1.

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Richard Carl Binder

Richard Carl Binder

Personal Injury Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

This falls into the arena of wrongful death brought by relatives of the deceased based upon medical malpractice. This is also a government claim case and special rule apply regarding the statute of limitations & the filing of a claim before suit can be filed. Therefore take action ASAP,

Paul J Molinaro

Paul J Molinaro

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Corona, CA

When a patient dies as a result of substandard medical care, the cause of action is wrongful death based on (or as a result of) medical malpractice. California has some very draconian laws regarding medical malpractice with or without resulting death... Google MICRA to see what a hot topic this is. One such draconian aspect is the $250,000.00 cap on pain and suffering.... when a person dies, it is said that his or her pain and suffering claim dies with him or her... that means relatives will have to file a claim for their own pain and suffering (the pain of losing a loved one) to go after that $250,000.00... oh, and yes, it is $250,000.00 total... not per loved one... all loved ones would split that amount should the case be successful.

That said, when someone dies as a result of being refused medical care in a prison, there are many other issues which should be thoroghly investigated... such as civil right violations, and such. Thus, aside from an attorney well-versed in medical malpractice matters, an attorney well versed in prisoner's rights would be the ones to consult... and in both instances, done so with haste as there are very short time limits to bring cases agains the government.

- Paul

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David Ian Schoen

David Ian Schoen

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Windsor, VT

I don't believe it is either/or. A medical malpractice claim can also include a wrongful death aspect to it. However, you may have Notice of Claim or statute of limitations problems, so consult a local medical malpractice attorney immediately.

Christian K. Lassen II

Christian K. Lassen II

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

Have a local civil rights lawyer investigate.

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