Do I still have to have an Ignition Interlock Device in NC to get my license if it was ordered by Florida over 2yrs ago?

Asked over 2 years ago - Asheboro, NC

I got a DUI (my first and only one) about 3yrs ago, finished my community service, probation, paid all fines, attended all classes, then about 1yr ago I moved to NC the only thing that I hadn't done was get the interlock device because I had no car and the insurance. I am now trying to get my license and Fl has a hold on me of course. Do I still have to get the interlock here in NC? Also from what i've been told it's not mandatory here on your 1st DUI... Please help i'm desperate and really need to get my license straightened out!

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    Answered . If you were ordered to have the ignition interlock in FL and have not yet complied with their judgment, you will have to have it installed BEFORE you attempt to get your license in NC. Until then, NC DMV will not allow you to obtain a NC license. Monitech and Smart Start are the two companies in NC who you would go through for the ignition interlock. Smart Start is a newer company and a little cheaper than Monitech. Good luck!

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    Answered . As I understand it, this is a Florida DWI. If so, you should confirm that you are in compliance with Florida's interlock requirements. In NC, we use Monitech and SmartStart, but Monitech does not exist in Florida, so before you use Monitech, you should be sure that doing so will comply with Florida's interlock requirements.

    You don't want to spend the $1,500 on Monitech for a year only to find that Florida doesn't recognize it.

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    Answered . Was your BAC over a .15? If not, there should have been no ignition interlock requirement. Florida will not clear your DL until you meet the requirements of your FL DUI. It doesn't matter that NC doesn't require an ignition interlock. Call the FL DMV and see what they will require of you to release the hold on your driving priviledge. Good Luck!

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