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Do i qualify for dream act if 3 years ago i got an arrest warrant for missed court for shoplifting?

Balm, FL |

and would 2nd time shoplifting be considered felony or still misdemenor and i believe this all happened before i turned 18

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  1. While I am not familiar with the specific requirements of the dream act, although I believe you cannot have any felony convictions, you should definitely deal with any outstanding criminal charges as soon as possible. These type of cases just snowball and get bigger and bigger if left unresolved. If these cases are still pending you should contact a local criminal defense attorney, ask them to check out the requirements of the dream act, and then go back to court and resolve these cases if they are still pending. It is important that you tell your lawyer that you want to qualify for the dream act BEFORE resolving these cases, because that may influence of the lawyer should handle the disposition (disposal or ending) of these cases.

    You absolutely need a criminal lawyer in your area to handle this.

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  2. The Dream Act does specify that one has no criminal record - so it's in your best interest to deal with any outstanding charges - until you've done that you're not going to be able to even apply.

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  3. I reposted this question for you under Immigration so you can get an answer regarding the Dream Act.

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