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Do I qualify for a pension from a previous employer

Chicago, IL |

I worked at a company a little more than 20 years starting in 1980.I am only 51 and am on social security disability does working at this company for 20 years automatically get me pension money at my retirement age? or did I have too take money out of each paycheck too qualify for a pension? is there a website I can find this info out without calling my old company?

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  1. Your company is not required to pay you a pension unless it was part of the benefit package you received. You would have to be able to identify the plan administrator for the company and could inquire from them if you will be receiving any pension benefits.

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  2. I agree that the pension would have to be a benefit that the company you worked for was offering.
    If I add the 20 years correctly, then you separated from the company in the year 2000 or thereafter. A quick and easy way to learn about pension benefits might be to contact any co-workers at the company if you stayed in touch with anyone. The reference about taking "too much money" out of the paycheck is unclear. Is there a reason why you wish to avoid calling the company directly? This is usually the fastest and easiest way to find out about benefit, and if there is a website they will immediately direct you to it.

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  3. Lots of maybes here. Your company may not even have a pension, making this question moot from the beginning. However, if there is a pension you may be entitled to take payment now under a disability provision or you may be able to take a reduced benefit now. The plan may make you wait until you are older (often 60-65) before you can receive benefits.

    The easiest route to learn this information is to contact HR for your former employer and ask if there is a pension plan and if so how you can get in contact with the people who service the plan.

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