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Do I need to show up to court if I am not summoned/ subpoenaed?

Danville, PA |

Two of my friends are going to court because one of them filled assault charges against the other. This happened in Ocean City Maryland. He filled the charges the next day at the court house and I went with. Both parties want me to testify for them. I do not want to go to court since I live in PA and don't want to pick sides. They both told me they were going to summon/ subpoena me if I don't go. I never also got a letter in the mail telling me when the court date is but the plaintiff told me. I believe the court case is in a civil court. Neither of their attorneys contacted me neither did the court. My friend also used my name in the description of the events that happened.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. If you have not been court ordered to appear then there is no legal obligation to appear. Additionally, since it is out of state, there is a legal process that must be followed for them to obligate you to appear.

  2. I agree with attorney keller, i would also suggest posting this in a maryland forum to be safe.

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  3. Without a properly served subpoena in hand, you have no obligation or duty to appear.

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