Do I need to send a photo to the USCIS with my Asylum Application? The instructions do not require that.

Do I need to send a photo to the USCIS with my Asylum Application? The instructions do not require that but this is a defensive removal Asylum application. I have a pro bono assistant and she did not ask for my passport style photo but the general instructions say that I need to send a photo. I just do not want my application to come back to me. The instructions for Defensive Asylum application ask only for 3 pages of my application. What happens to the rest of the pages. I don't understand that. Please help me get this.

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Carl Michael Shusterman

Carl Michael Shusterman

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

You need a photo (and an experienced immigration attorney).

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Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

You can only file the application with the immigration judge at a master hearing. You do need a passport type photo.

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Immigration Attorney - San Diego, CA

Read the instructions again.

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Stephen D. Berman

Stephen D. Berman

Immigration Attorney - Chicago, IL

If you are in court and filing with USCIS in order to get scheduled for fingerprints, no photo is required. However the forms you file with the court and Chief Counsel may need photos.

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