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Do i need to hore a lawyer? Is my license going to be suspended?

Anacortes, WA |

Igot pulled over because i didnt see a cop comming on my right side and he had the rightaway and i stopped and looked both ways quickly and proceeded forward through the blinking red light. He asked for license and registration and then he said where is your maurijana because i can smell it. I had a pipe in my car too. I let him search my car and told him where the pipe and the weed was because he was obviously going to find it one way or anther. He made me do all sorts of tests amd sign something saying i give him permissionon to search the car otherwise he said my car would be impounded. He wrote me a ticket for having weed on me and paraphinalia with the intent to smoke. I hadnt smked for a couple of hours but the cop said he could give me a dui. I dont know what to do

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Possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia are criminal offenses in the State of Washington; they are not tickets.

What you might have received is a summons to appear. Read the notice carefully and contact a lawyer immediately so that you can review any paperwork you have with the lawyer.

Also, you do not need to give a police officer permission to search your vehicle, nor do you need to answer questions about the contents of your vehicle. It sounds like you were pulled over for a traffic infraction - failure to yield the right of way perhaps or failing to stop at a light or stop line. But what could have stayed as a routine traffic stop escalated into a criminal case.

A better response to questions involving things outside the scope of license, registration, and insurance is "I want to talk with a lawyer."

Good luck.

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The first thing you need to do is get a lawyer. You have been charged with a crime and could be charged with another. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, ask to have one appointed to you. Most courts give you 15 days to respond to a citation and to set up a court date on the new charge. Your first court date will be your arraignment. This is the time at which you are asked how you plead to the charge. 99% of the time the proper answer is not guilty. This protects your rights and gives you a chance to fight the charge.

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