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Do i need to hire a lawyer? I am during the decision of divorce or not to.. Please give me the answer

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Have been married for 2 years things went wrong and the divorce is planned , my husband is not a citizen yet(green card holder), i need to know will i become a citizen if we divorce now( I HAVE A PERMANENT GREEN CARD ) and how long more i should wait after, OR should i wait when my husband will become a citizen and postpone the divorce the divorce until then..
Please help me with the detailed answer, so i need to know if i should hire a lawyer, please provide me all the choices in my case, thank you for the help!

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If you're concerned about your husband's status you should first speak to an immigration lawyer - but if you have a permanent green card you're OK.

Under the rules governing the conduct of attorneys in New York it may be necessary to remind you that this answer could be considered attorney advertising.

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Thank you! My husband won the green card, I have a permanent card because of marring him, will I still get a citizenship if we divorce before him becoming the citizen ..?


If you get divorced before your husband becomes a citizen and he is here illegally he will not be eligible for citizenship. However, a divorce right after he becomes a citizen will look like potential immigration fraud. I believe you need to worry about yourself and your interests which appear to get a divorce now. I highly advise consulting with counsel.

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You should consult an attorney. Even though immigration attorneys are expensive, you really need someone who can examine the details of your case, not just general answers on a Q&A forum. Good luck!

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