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Do I need to go back to court to end my probation, or will it just terminate on it's own?

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I was sentenced to a year of probation, (unsupervised) and it's ending in 3 days, do I need to go back to court for the end date?

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Probation is for a specific period and shown on the court records. As your probation was unsupervised, you would not need to do anything further, so long as your probation fees were paid.

However, if only for your own peace of mind, you may wish to go to the court on Monday and obtain a certified copy of the docket sheet showing the termination of probation - and getting the record updated if that termination is not shown.


You don't need to go back in person, but it would be wise to call your probation officer and confirm this.


Assuming you have no outstanding obligations on your probation, it will terminate on its own without your having to appear in court. If the charge you were placed on probation for was continued without a finding (CWOF), then the charge will be dismissed when your probation ends. When the CORI laws change in May of 2012, charges that were dismissed following a period of probation can be sealed.

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