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Do i need to file civil charges or criminal for theft?

Tazewell, TN |

My fiance and i recently broke of our engagement. We have lived togethe for aprox. a year and i moved out taking only a suitcase with a few clothes. All of my possesions are still in her home. Furniture, clothes, guns, guitars and music equipment, electronics, and person effects. In total more than $20,000 in value. she has refuses to let me return to collect my things and now claims she doesnt have them. What are my legal options to get them back, and if she has in fact gotten rid of everything can i sue for my losses or do i need to file criminal charges for theft?

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You can file a police report, it is up to the DA to prosecute. You can personally sue for trespass to chattels and/or conversion (a more serious version of trespass to chattles, which is essentially a civil version of criminal theft). You'd need to consult an attorney for additional information.

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