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Do I need to file a tax return ?

El Paso, TX |

Hello. I have a question about filing a tax return for the 2013 year. I only made $164.00 this year and worked very little, about one week. Do I need to file a tax return this time ? What is the minimum amount you need to make in order to file a tax return and qualify for the child tax credit and the earned income credit ? I have two dependent minor children. Thank you.

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    I'm sorry to disagree. You do not have to file a tax return unless you make more $9,750 if single 3800 if married filing separately. You may want to file. See the instructions for form 1040 to see if you qualify for the additional child tax credit.

  2. You always need to file a tax return, regardless of income for the year. You will unlikely have to pay any tax to the government. With that said, some governmental benefits that are paid in lieu of you working, i.e. unemployment, social security disability, etc. is subject to tax. A little more information about your situation may shed light on the situation. Are you married? If so, did your spouse earn income?

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  3. If income taxes were withheld you will need to file a return to get a refund. If you want to establish a net operating loss you should file a return. Happy New Year.

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