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Do I need to file a copy of the stop notice at the nearest county courthouse in the same county as the project?

Yorba Linda, CA |

Nearest county courthouse, Fullerton, CA.

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  1. No, stop notices do not get filed. Just make sure you properly serve it on the owner, lender, and/or GC. Retain a copy of your proof of service, and remember that a stop notice on private works is basically ineffective unless it is bonded. Good luck.

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  2. No, stop notices are not recorded. They are served on the lender/disburser of funds so that they can "freeze" the funds you are owed. For instance, if you did work for the City of San Francisco, then you serve the stop notice on the CiTy Controller. You can call the owner/lender and ask where they want the stop notice served and note who told you and where. The stop notice can be served by certified mail. On a private job you will need to get a bond to go with the stop notice to make it bi Ning on the lender but not for a public job..

  3. The other answers are correct. You do not need to file the stop notice at the courthouse.

  4. No. If you do end up filing a lawsuit to enforce the stop notice, remember to file and serve on all parties a "Notice of Proceeding."