Do i need to do get any more papers from court and police department?

I was arrested for misdeamnor in a state connecticut -value of less than 50$. Under the section 53a-125b. I attended the court, and my case was dismissed. I have a dispostion paper from court. Do i need to get any more papers from court and police dept... I am also worried -does it shows up on my record. Will be any isssue to get Greencard and citizenship?

West Hartford, CT -

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Kevin M Black

Kevin M Black

Criminal Defense Attorney - Wilton, CT

As for the immigration question you need to speak with an expert in that area of the law. There are many here on Avvo. If your case was dismissed and you have the paperwork from the court you don't need anytyhing else.

This is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. It is absolutely NOT legal advice that you should... more
Salvatore Bonanno

Salvatore Bonanno

Criminal Defense Attorney - Hartford, CT

I agree with atty Black. You should get, however, a certified copy of the disposition showing the dismissal; get it from the clerk at the court.

You'll need that for immigration.

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John Paul Thygerson

John Paul Thygerson

Criminal Defense Attorney - Norwalk, CT

I agree with my colleagues.

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