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Do I need representation to go to court to have a no contact order dropped? Does the DA going to be there and ask questions?

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Due to over stress with buying a home , changing county's and Dr's , fixing the house and Mike not having a drivers license , bill collectors for remaining balances on the place Mike moved from , PEG , ware , cleaning fees , etc . Mike was on overload . He hit the stove top , punched a hole in the wall , and he didn't have any of his medicines that control his over anxiety as needed . I went to call 911 , and reported that he disconnected the phone so i couldn't call anyone , but that's not the case . I have Major Jack Plus home phone system . It does not recognize any 3 digits numbers , it requires area code plus the 7 digit number . When he went for a walk to calm down I called the police to report this . I have anxiety attacks , this put me in over drive and over reacting . I didn't want house dams

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  1. Technically no, you do not need to have an attorney to ask for a no contact order to be lifted; but, it is probably a good idea, and a helpful idea to have an attorney. No contact orders are very unlikely to be lifted or modified in domestic cases. Also, you should not post the facts of the case on a public forum. You should consult with an attorney in private regarding your situation.

    Nothing discussed should be taken as legal advice. Posting details of your case on an open forum could be used against you, so use extreme caution. The best way to get legal advice is to consult privately with an attorney.

  2. I agree with Mr. Justice. I write separately only to mention that this situation appears to have already been asked and answered in this thread:
    Asking multiple times won't change the answer, but it will increase the chances that someone might see this, identify who you are from the personal details mentioned, and use it against you. You really should keep names and identifying details off the internet.

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  3. Nobody is required to have a lawyer represent them in court. But this is like saying nobody is required to have a doctor to perform surgery on themselves. Sure, you can get a knife out of the drawer and try, but you'd be a fool. The same goes for going into court without a lawyer.

    The DA (or other government representatives) may very well be there, they may ask questions and put their own witnesses on the stand and present their own evidence, and the judge may also ask questions.

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