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Do I need lawyer for OVI? It was my first time offense, No accident, 0.137% alcohol

Cincinnati, OH |

I have been cooperative to officer.

stopped by cincinnati police
on the police report, I almost caused accident, but it is far from true.

I have been wondering If I have chance to remove it from record with

lesser offense. if it is not possible, why should I hire a lawyer?

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Cincinnati city typically does NOT reduce an OVI to a lesser offense. You hire a lawyer to FIGHT the charge and essentially force the prosecutor to reduce it or go to trial. You hire a DUI/OVI lawyer because they know more about the potential weaknesses of the case than you do and are much more capable of negotiating a satisfactory outcome. You hire a lawyer to give yourself the best chance possible at a satisfactory outcome.

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An attorney would be able to review all of the evidence and advise you on the best way to proceed. It's impossible to predict the outcome without having access to that information.

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Piscitelli Law Firm
Cleveland, OH
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Yes you should hire an attorney. OVIs are very serious offenses that carry penalties far beyond the immediate jail time, license suspension, and fines. It can have life long effects and you most likely cannot achieve your desired result without legal representation.


Would you treat yourself for a serious medical condition? Probably not. Even though at first glance you may feel like you should handle the case yourself and not hire an attorney, that's a bad idea. There are many issues that arise in these cases that need an experienced DUI lawyer to review and challenge. At the very least, contact an attorney and schedule an initial consultation before you make a decision to proceed without an attorney.

Neil Scott Rubin

Neil Scott Rubin


I have used this metaphor many times. If you had a severely infected tooth and had no dental insurance, would you get a pair of plyers from your toolbox and rip the tooth out yourself? Of course not. You would find the money somehow and go to a dentist who could not only fix the problem but do some preventative treatment to stop infection in the future. An experienced DUI attorney can navigate the trapdoors of OVI law. A conviction carries with it long-lasting negative consequences and it is NOT expungeable. Don't mess with it yourself.

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