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Do I need DV Attorney?

Issaquah, WA |

My wife and my mom were in a disagreement for the past few days.My mom was visiting us frm India for 4 months.This morning heated argument between the two and wife scolded mom to go back to India..but my mom replied she wont leave as she is staying in her son's (myself) place. This statement made my wife anger and replied that she wont stay here anymore longer and she took our baby and was about to open to apartment door in order to go out. At that moment, my mom stopped her not to go out by grabbing her hand and unfortunately it ended up in a very small bruise on my wife's right wrist..but mom didn't wantedly hurt her, I beleve this could have been happened due to the gold bangles that she was wearing.Cops arrived and mom in Issaquah jail now.

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    We handle many cases of this nature, and it is always wise to at a minimum consult an attorney and more often than not to hire an experienced attorney who you are comfortable with handling such a matter.

  2. Besides the consequences that a US citizen would face if convicted of a crime involving domestic violence, your mother has additional problems involving her immigration status.

    In general, persons who are not US citizen and are convicted of a crime involving domestic violence are deportable from the US. Besides being deported, your mother may face a lifetime ban on being admitted into the US for any reason.

    So, your mother likely does need an attorney to advise and represent her. She may qualify for a public defender. She can also hire a private attorney.

  3. In short, the answer is yes, your mom should probably get an attorney. As Mr. Nguyen pointed out she is facing not just potential criminal charges but immigration issues as well. I don't know if she plans to remain in the US and, if so, how often she plans to return to visit, but a DV conviction can have huge consequences on these rights. Hopefully she will be released at first appearance but there may be a no contact order between her and your wife which will mean that she will need to find another place to stay right now. She's also going to want to resolve this case before she returns to India or a warrant may issue for her arrest meaning she may be arrested upon entering the country the next time she comes for a visit.

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