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Do I need another lawyer to get my settlement from Medicare it has been 6 years. I have a home I can't get fixed because of this

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I was in an accident in 4/ 2007 . I was hit and really hurt but it was settled in Aug of 2008 . And I lost my home in 8-8-08 due to arson. So I purchased another moblie that was damaged by the mover. I need to no why it taking so long for my lien to be released. My lawyer keeps telling me it should be any day but its going on 6 full years and I am on disability and watching my home fall apart because before I went in debt I asked my attorney how long it would take he said maybe a year. I don't no what to do. My attorney has loaned me money that I can't pay back until I get my settlement released . And I draw very little its going to pay my loan. And I am living in a camper . So I need to no what to do.

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    This is highly unusual. I have never known Medicare to take this long to settle a lien. Perhaps you should schedule an appointment with your lawyer, and request copies of all letters to and from Medicare. Ask your lawyer to explain what's taking so long. If you are not satisfied with the answer, ask the bar association to investigate.

  2. I agree. Medicare does not usually take that long. Speak to your attorney to find out what the hold up is.

  3. If I understand your question correctly it has been 4 1/2 years since your case was settled and you still haven't received your share of the settlement proceeds due to a lien? Your question is nonspecific as to what sort of lien. You need to contact your lawyer and schedule an appointment for a full explanation. If you are unsatisfied with his explanation then you need to contact another lawyer to review what is going on.

  4. This sounds unusual. The longest it took me with medicare was about 1 year, and that is because they sent the file to the wrong place, and it got shuffled all over the country until finally ending up in Baltimore. We were asking for a significant reduction in the lien, and finally got one. I hate to think your lawyer is not being up front with you or diligent. You should go see him and ask for details and copies of all correspondence. If possible, bring a friend to help you and to be a witness. Ask the lawyer to give you a chronology of events and dealings with mcare. Ive heard of some people going to their elected officials, congressperson or senator, and getting help when mcare was jerking them around. You would want the chronology and letters from your lawyer to show the elected official for help.

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