Do I need an employment attorney after being fired for reporting sexual harassment and assault?

I was a female supervisor in charge of a male employee who had been inappropriately touching and speaking to females and becoming irate with others in the office. When I complained to my superiors, the answer was we would have to work with him despite our concerns. There was no adequate solution or remedy, they swept it under the rug. I went on a travel assignment alone with him 4 hours from the office and was sexually harassed and physically assaulted by him. I reported it to my supervisors and the police. Two weeks passed and no one informed me of my rights or the results of an investigation. However, they fired me and kept him. I had no issues with my performance. In fact, I had just entered into a new position and was given a pay increase two weeks before the incident.

New Orleans, LA -

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Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall

Administrative Law Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

Based on what you have written here, this is most definitely a matter in which you should speak to a skilled and experienced employment attorney. Please act quickly -- there are some very narrow timeframes applicable to these kinds of cases. Best of luck to you.

Lannie Todd Kelly

Lannie Todd Kelly

Sexual Harassment Attorney - Austin, TX

Yes ma'am, you do. I would be more than happy to speak with you about this case. I am not licensed in Louisiana, but have a number of referral sources that I would be happy to work on the case with. If you would like to discuss your case, please call me at 713-255-2055

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