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Do I need an attorney when I feel I am being discriminated against because some coworkers are racist and want me fired?

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My husband and I work at a facility where we are the only blacks that work there. My husband was accused of sexual harassment by a co-worker, which was untrue. The HR director, not a PHR, nor SPHR, brought him into the the office for discipline when my husband then threatened them with hiring of an attorney. They believed without any facts. A few months later a Swastika was on the dining room floor-remains. Now I am being threatened and harassed over hearsay, untrue accusations and have been put under my employee supervisor (no Edu. or credentials) to be taught how to write an email, use a computer program, Learn all staff jobs, etc. due to untrue accusations, also bringing in a consultant. I was put on 90 day probation and a threat of firing. I am a DBA student, MBA/HCM, RHIA, BS

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There's nothing that anyone can do about your co-worker's attitudes themselves, but the employer can't encourage it. The swastika on the floor is entirely unacceptable. You should consult with an employment law attorney, in private. You don't need to tell your employer that you're doing it. The attorney can help you decide whether there's a claim worth making and how to go about it. In the meantime, you should do your best to discreetly document all of your communications with your employers and all these incidents. You can't tape record your conversations without their knowledge, but you can communicate by writing (email is great for this) and make sure you've expressed your concerns, and see what they say.

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You need to consult with an employment law attorney as soon as possible in the meantime document as best you can.


As the other attorneys have indicated documentation is key to the claims you may have. Keep a journal, take photos of offensive writings/documents (as long as taking photos at your workplace won't violate any company policy) and read your employee handbook if you have one. The handbook should direct you to who you should report these instances to. If you aren't getting what you want from the HR department you can always send a letter or email to the company president asking for help. Be sure to keep copies of all letters and/or email you send.

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