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Do I need an attorney to sue my landlord?

Buford, GA |

I had been renting from this landlord for over 8 years and had put up with lots of delays or even refusals to fix things, where to my complaints I heard the typical, "Don't like it, move out". I stayed and did what I could do, because my rent was not expensive. However, two months ago, I was finally forced to move out. The landlord had allowed a recording studio in our cardboard quadruplex, and my 9-month begging to do something about the 12am-5am noise only yielded empty promises and later straight out mocking and telling me to 'go live some place else, because the people are cool musicians and will be famous soon'. I have police reports, videos and correspondence with the landlord. Should I sue the landlord myself or can I get an attorney? Thank you!

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You should get a landlord/tenant attorney who can advise you on your options and the pros and cons. The Avvo "Find a Lawyer" feature can help with your search. Look for someone local to you and your county.



I have written to several attorneys through Avvo Find a Lawyer, but did not get any responses....


You are entitled to "quiet enjoyment" of your tenancy and "quiet" in this context is not taken literally. I believe you have a claim but your damages may be limited. You do need to consult a landlord/tenant attorney in your area to flush this out fully.

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Landlords can be bullies. Don't let them ignore you or take advantage you. You have substantial rights. A skilled attorney can educate you and tilt the odds in your favor.

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