Do i need an attorney for a ticket for no seat belt

i got a icket for no seat belt and iam wondering do i need an attorney or just take the class and what do i contest

Austin, TX -

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Shannon Willis Locke

Shannon Willis Locke

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Antonio, TX

No. This kind of traffic ticket is a Class C misdemeanor. You cannot be put in jail unless you agree to pay a fine and then fail to pay it. Some people hire an attorney for the convenience and the peace of mind that comes with having a trained professional handle the problem for you. An attorney can appear on your behalf (so you won't have to go to court yourself) and negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor. If you do this yourself you need to make sure that you bargain for deferred adjudication. Good luck.

Jeremiah David Williams

Jeremiah David Williams

Criminal Defense Attorney - Round Rock, TX

You should be able to take defensive driving, which allows for the case to be dismissed & taken "off" your record.

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