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Do I need an attorney?

Arlington, VA |
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I was driving in to the covered parking at a Home Depot store and a piece of the roof fell and hit my back window and trunk. I feel very fortunate the metal did not come through the windshield. This is a new vehicle purchased in Oct 2012. I have gotten two estimates both around $2600. Now, the liability company for Home Depot wants to send out a third person to evaluate the damage.

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  1. If you were injured then you need to consult a personal injury injury. If you just want your truck fixed, then the insurance company does have the right to inspect and appraise the vehicle prior to issuing payment.

  2. I don't think you need an attorney unless you have an injury. Hopefully you filed a report and documented this issue as soon as it happened with Home Depot. They will hopefully do the honorable thing and pay for the damage (they certainly have the right to inspect and verify the damage), and if they don't, you can always address the issue through small claims court. Good luck

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  3. I tend to agree with the advice thus far provided. If you were not injured by the falling debris, you can likely work out the repairs without the need for an attorney.

  4. If you received no injury, then you likely won't need an attorney. The insurance carrier for Home Depot should be the one to repair the damage to your vehicle.

  5. Allow them to inspect the vehicle.

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  6. It is quite normal for the adverse party to have their adjuster examine the damage. Let the adjuster if you the damage and perhaps you should also provide him with copies of the 2 estimates that you have already received.

    You have a right to have your vehicle repaired wherever you wish. See what the adverse party offers by way of compensation and use your 2 estimates if need be to negotiate a reasonable amount that is acceptable to you.

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