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Do I need an accident attorney?

Titusville, FL |

my vehicle was in an accident on I-95 in Brevard County Florida. I was traveling northbound on the interstate when my vehicle stopped on me because of mechanical failure. I put on my flashers, make sure that no one was coming behind me and exited my vehicle to assess the problem. while stopped, A vehicle rear ended me and now my vehicle is a total loss. I was traveling through a construction area and there were Barriers on the road that prevented me from pulling fully off of the interstate and restricting traffic to the 2 lanes that made up the interstate. when my car was struck from behind I jumped to safety over 1 of the barriers which were made of concrete. when the driver of the vehicle that struck mine exited his vehicle I could smell alcohol on his breath and the trooper at the

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    Call your car insurance company they will provide you a lawyer if case is put in suit against you.

  2. Some more facts will be needed to determine whether you have a case - but it is possible.

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  3. I would like to see the rest of your question-from what you wrote,it seems like you were not injured and suffered damage to your car only-check with the other driver's insurance company to see if they will pay for your car . If so,you likely don't need a lawyer.

  4. Most accident attorneys will not take just a car damage case. I suggest you make a claim against the adverse driver's insurance carrier. You also may have coverage available through collision coverage or uninsured motorist coverage through your own company in the event the adverse driver is uninsured.

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  5. If you weren't injured, simply have your insurance company resolve this.

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