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Do I need a traffic attorney?

Elgin, IL |

A hit and run was done by a 16 yr old and got 4 citations: leaving the scene, the actual accident, failure to give information, and failure to report accident to police. 16yr old has no priors and reason was due to his judgment clouded since on his way to visit his mom whom has brain cancer and after hospital visit he did stop by the police station to report (granted the police had already left a message at his house with instructions). I think he should please guilty to the first 2 citations but not guilty to the others. Please call me to discuss at 847-372-7323. Thanks!

I'm not the 16 yr old as its a relative. There were no injuries at accident. As a non attorney and a Finance professional I assumed if I asked an attorney I would get a consensus to hire one but I hope all these are good faith recommendations and indeed an attorney is needed.

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  1. Assuming you are the 16 year old, I would think you absolutely should immediately get a competent traffic lawyer.

    Even more important, this should be reported to your (or your parents') insurance company.

    If anyone was injured, there could be big exposure, and a plea of guilty on any charge could be used to establish liability on the civil claim. That would be a bad thing!

    Also, as a new driver, the penalties for all infractions are particularly severe on you, so do not do this without a lawyer.

    Stephen L. Hoffman
    Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC
    Chicago, IL

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  2. Yes he needs a lawyer. Without a lawyer representing him I wouldn't send this young man into court with a plan to plea guilty to anything. Get one that practices regularly in the county in which the citations were issued.

  3. Yes, he should definitely retain an experienced attorney. I am located in Schaumburg and can assist in this matter, as there are many possibly negative scenarios (i.e., insurance or lack thereof, any injuries, etc). Please review my profile and contact my office to discuss this matter.

  4. It is unclear whether you are the 16 year old or speaking for him. Either way, before deciding to plead to anything, the 16 year old needs to receive the advice of and experienced traffic attorney, Pleading, especially at 16 years of age, results in many consequences, none of them good. The 16 year old should speak only to his attorney and refrain from discussing this case online or in person with anyone else. Further, the 16 year old should ask his friends and family not to discuss the case either.

  5. Its always worth spending a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic lawyer in your city. I'm sorry, but my firm won't touch traffic ticket cases. Good luck.

    Licensed in PA & NJ. 29% Contingency Fee. Phone: 215-510-6755

  6. You will want a lawyer to help negotiate the best possible plea deal. These are serious traffic violations and could have a very negative effect on the 16 year old driving records that could mess with car insurance. What County did this occur in.

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